Meet Angela May, Tech Integration Specialist

ang-mug-shot-july-2016Hello TechInsights blog readers! I am the new Technology Integration Specialist for PSD! I am a returning PSDer with nine years of teaching at Goodman, one year as an Instructional Assistant at Minter, and 13 years as a PSD student. After leaving Goodman I taught at Cedar Heights Jr. High in Port Orchard and for the last ten years I’ve been teaching online high school through Washington Virtual Academies High School. I am very happy to be back with my family, friends, and community.

I come to this position with the passion for using technology to aid in our teaching. I believe in the power of tech to improve teacher tools, expand their abilities, and to engage children. I’ve experienced this directly; as a person with some learning disabilities I felt the power of programming in Mrs. Dezel’s Computer Science class at GHHS in 1982. I knew that technology had the ability to help me express my ideas and points of views. I continued to use technology in college to aid me in my writing, creativity, organizing and more. I also worked in the Staff Computer Assistance Office assisting faculty on campus with their technology needs.

I have many ideas and goals to hopefully implement in this position. Just one of them is to develop more online training opportunities for PSD staff (for clock hour credit of course!) through the use of our approved LMS, Schoology.

I’m here to help – so, please reach out if you have a training need or question. I’ve taught tech, business, art, language arts, and science – and integrated tech in all these disciplines and most all grade levels. So I have ideas galore.

Hope to hear from you soon!

-Angela May

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