Virtual Reality at Kopachuck Middle School


Ever wondered how a student’s work could be featured in an art gallery? Alexa Shanafelt’s Multimedia Productions 2 students created a virtual reality museum that included 15 of their own photographs. With help from Brandon Martin, Integration Analyst for the Peninsula School District, Alexa’s students created a 3D museum featuring their own photography. Hear about the project in Alexa’s own words:

As part of Kopachuck’s Multimedia Productions 2 course, students got the opportunity to explore virtual reality. Before beginning, we purchased 4 used Androids and 4 sets of virtual reality glasses. Student class fees paid for each student to have their own set of virtual reality glasses that they could take home. These inexpensive (less than $10) Google Cardboard VR glasses work with many different types of smart phones and apps.

Prior to this project, students had been focusing on rules of photography. Day 1, students learned the basics of Unity, a free software download. Unity is a flexible and powerful development platform for creating multiplatform 3D and 2D games and interactive experiences. On day 2, students started with a template for an empty art gallery. They then, after a short tutorial (and a lot of help from Brandon Martin), placed 15 of their photographs in the gallery. Day 3 was the final day of this project where we pushed the galleries to our class Androids where students could use the VR glasses to walk around their virtual galleries.

Some students began exploring, adding other textures and models into their galleries. Other students found other apps that they could explore with their VR glasses. These 3 days were just an introduction to virtual reality and the educational possibilities are endless. There are numerous online tutorials and tools for educators who, like me, had never used virtual reality before. I plan on growing this project to make their galleries even more interactive and educational. 

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